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Point Roberts Music Studio
Student Zoom Concerts
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How is Mike Bell Music School different from other Music Schools?

  • 5-Star reviews on Google and Yelp by students from Los Angeles, New York, London, Vancouver, Thailand, Maui, and more!

  • Learn from a fun, patient, dedicated teacher that has taught over 20000 lessons to over 400 students, has 25 years of teaching experience and 34 years of music study and performance experience

  • Learn Online via Zoom on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer

  • Learn in-person at Mike's new music studio in Point Roberts, or in your own home

  • Learn what you want - all lessons are tailored towards every students' unique goals and learning style - Mike can figure out any song right away and write/find you a custom version that will suit your level from beginner to advanced

  • Affordable Rates - no expensive admin/overhead fees, lower cost options available (bi-weekly, drop-in, group lessons)

  • Student Zoom Concerts held quarterly to encourage students to practice and develop their performance skills in front of a fun, warm audience of friends and family from around the world!

  • Student Concerts in fun, relaxed, real live music venues instead of nerve-racking churches and recital halls (see video below)

  • Group rock/pop band classes for all skill levels - experience one of the most enjoyable and essential elements of playing an instrument - playing together!​ (See video below)

Mid City Drum Lessons

"Mike Bell is an excellent musician and a great music teacher across numerous instruments. He has the ability to get kids motivated to practice and to have fun playing the music they enjoy. We especially love the concerts where all the students get to perform in front of an audience at a real live venue rather than a stuffy recital hall. Mike is definitely the coolest music teacher in town!"

Cybele Negris, CEO & Co-Founder of, Mother of Miles and Chantele, Guitar and Drum Kit students

Mid City Music Piano Lessons

"Mike is a wonderful piano teacher. I started lessons with him after a bad experience with another teacher. Mike immediately restored my confidence with his patient and attentive method of teaching. Most of all, he has a way of making me enthusiastic about learning more by continuously adapting the speed and contents of the lessons to my need. I wouldn’t want any other piano teacher."

Jelger Vitt, Photographer, Piano Student

Mid City Music School

"I've been receiving lessons from Mike for the last three years. It was important to me that Mike teaches both piano and guitar, and he lets me pick and play any song I want. He teaches me how to figure out notes and chords on my own and he has really helped me improve my singing and rhythms. The other area of big improvement is feeling more confident when performing in public - the student pub performances are awesome. I really really enjoy my classes with Mike and enjoy practicing everyday as I play what I love."

Jonny Shoshani, Piano, Guitar, and Voice Student

Mid City Music Lessons

"Mike is a patient teacher of both practical musicianship and music theory, who teaches me at my level and yet manages to push me to achieve more. He can pick out instantly where my playing is lacking and give me immediately useful techniques for improvement. I cannot recommend him enough."

Morgan Grubb, Bass Guitar, Piano, and Music Theory Student


"A gifted musician and teacher, Mike makes learning to play the guitar (or piano) a fun journey. His enthusiasm is infectious, and his knowledge of multiple instruments and musical genres makes him a well-rounded instructor who can adapt to each child's interests and goals. I have been amazed at the progress my son has made this year on the guitar. He was even inspired to start vocal lessons half way through the year."

Gloria Freeborn, Mother of Cen, Guitar and Voice Student

Mid City Guitar Lessons

"Mike has been teaching my two boys drums and bass for several years. During this time he has shown an affinity for helping them overcome their aversion to playing in public and has helped them to grow as musicians. Mike’s positive attitude makes it a pleasure to welcome him into our home."

Andrew Molnar, Father of Riley and Stuart, Drum Kit and Bass Guitar Students


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